Thursday, October 22, 2009

Share a Workout #1

I thought a shot like this of Gloriana Pellissier might help us all stay inspired through the final weeks without snow.

A while back I asked racers to submit workouts so that we all might learn from one another. Taking the first steps toward taking ski mountaineering racing seriously is daunting. There is a lot to learn and a lot of training to be done. Worst of all, if you don’t have an experienced racing mentor to guide you, you’re essentially inventing the training on your own. Sort of fun, but probably not very effective.

Tucker and Molly of Reno, Nevada kindly submitted this workout to share. Tucker, Molly, I appreciate your sharing very much so I know other knowledge hungry racers out there thank you as well. Tucker and Molly were the first people I met through racing. I met them at my very first race back in March of 2006. It’s always good to be racing alongside Tucker and Molly. Even if I’m racing against them I feel like I’ve got some friends on my side.

The workout:

2 x 4 min level 3 intervals with 4 min rest and then 2 x 8 min intervals, the first 6 min of each level 3 and the last 2 min of each of these level 4 with 6 min rest. 6 x 10 sec plyos and hill bounding drills.

For reference the "levels" referred to above are based on percentages of your maximum heart rate.
Level one 65%-75%, level two, 75%-85%, level three 85%-90%, level four 90-95% and level five 95-100%.


  1. Great article, cool to see what other people are doing.

  2. Jon, can't wait for race season to begin!

    We use slightly different heart rate levels than Jon mentions. These zones are based on lab testing at Central Oregon Community College Exercise Physiology Lab(a great place by the way if you can't make it to the Mammoth Lab Jon mentions in an earlier post. COCC has a double-wide treadmill so you can use poles)

    Level one: 65%-75%
    Level two: 75%-85%
    Level three: 85%-90%
    Level four: 90-95%
    Level five: 95-100%

    If you don't have your levels wired, you can translate level 3 to an effort you can sustain during a hard-effort race and level 4 to your final race sprint.

    -Molly and Tucker

  3. Tucker, Molly, sorry about that. I edited the body of the post to reflect your level parameters. Do you guys know if anybody uses that other system I had posted? Is everyone else in the world on board with this system?